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Mitchell Services understands the critical nature of coal mine methane drainage in relation to safety and production. We have vast experience in this area, having worked with companies in Australia and as far away as Russia, drawing upon the benefit of our experienced and self-managed teams.

Our services in this area, including where required in alliance with business partners, include:

  • Directional steering services
  • Drainage program engineering
  • Drilling engineering
  • Pre-mine drainage in advance of operations
  • Post-mine drainage (Goaf gas drainage)
  • Production management
  • Well drawdown.

For companies that are able to utilise their gas resource on site, Mitchell can help turn your waste product into a resource to lower energy costs with little or no upfront costs.

Examples of coal mine methane drainage projects completed are available here.

Talk to us about solutions for coal mine methane, either before or after the completion of mining operations. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and environmental performance.




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