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Underground Operations

Mitchell has made a strategic decision to ensure underground drilling becomes an integral part of its services offering, globally.

We have grown our underground fleet to be able to deploy and service global underground operations utilising Atlas Copco, LM and MDR series Boart Longyear and Sandvik rig configurations.

On the mine’s surface, underground operations are supported with dedicated servicing facilities, fitters and labour to ensure the rig’s operating time and bit on bottom is maximized. Critical parts and spares are abundant, with underground vehicles up to an ANCAP 5 safety rating being provided.

The rigs are equipped with the latest safety and drilling ingenuity, including:

  • Self-drive capability, either Manitou or track mounted
  • Diamond rod handlers
  • Unattended auto drill technology
  • Automated drilling during manned operations to optimize drilling performance
  • Laser trip senses

Key underground services the Mitchell team has experience in providing includes:

  • Diamond drilling (various sizes, both wireline and conventional)
  • Rotary drilling
  • In-drive drilling
  • Grade control drilling
  • Deep hole exploration drilling to 1,200m+
  • Directional drilling
  • Grouting.

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