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For Mitchell Services, sustainability is the capacity to endure.

Mitchell understands that for us to be a successful business over the long term and deliver a high quality of service to our clients, we must not compromise on our core values. We aim to be welcomed by the communities which host our operations, behaving with respect and care for people and the environment.

Health & Safety

Mitchell is committed to the health and safety of all our people, as reflecting our company values.

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Mitchell aims to minimise the environmental impact of our drilling services and other operations as part of our commitment to operating sustainably.

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Quality Assurance

Mitchell is focused on upholding the highest standards of quality assurance throughout our operations.

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Indigenous Employment

Mitchell is committed to the employment and development of Indigenous employees in all the countries where we operate.

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Local Community Support

Whether it’s buying local, supporting orphanages or drilling water bores for remote communities, Mitchell aims to support the local community.

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