Mitchell Services recognise the importance of strong communities and how they benefit both families and businesses and provide residents with a sense of belonging. Engaging and connecting with the communities where we work sdrol reviews is a focus for us and we pride ourselves on giving back through a number of sponsorships.

Mitchell Services are proud sponsors of:

Cobar Camels

a Rugby Union club from Cobar, a town in central western NSW. A great local club and a place where the community really comes together.

cobar camels team

Bindal Sharks All Blacks Rugby League Carnival

based in Townsville, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Teams compete in an annual football Tournament with the aim of suicide prevention.

bindal sharks jersey

UQ Geoscience Society

a student-run society for students of Geoscience related disciplines at The University of Queensland, dedicated to providing information on courses, equipment, field trips, career fairs and employment.